Deco VGM

Mixing and Mastering

My name is Dylan and I’m an audio engineer with 7 years of experience working in recording studios.  I will mix and master your track in a top-of-the-line professional recording studio.  I’m a dedicated engineer who will go the extra mile to make sure that you are happy with your mix, and I look forward to creating long term working-relationships with the artists I work with.  While I mostly use plugins, I will also make use of the analog gear.  When the mix is completed I will provide you with a mastered mix and an unmastered mix if desired.   Along with mixing and mastering, I can also pitch correct vocals and edit the timing of instrumentation, if needed.

If you need your music mixed and/or mastered, please visit my Contact Page and get in touch with me.


Engineer:  Living Colour – Shade (2017)
Assistant Engineer:  Savoy Brown – City Night (2019)
Assistant Engineer:  Giles Robson – Don’t Give Up On The Blues (2019)
Assistant Engineer:  Chris O’Leary – 7 Minutes Late (2019)