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Video Game
Music Composer

Deco VGM:

My name is Dylan and I’m a freelance game composer available for hire who is looking to work closely with video game developers to create a score that best suits their project.

When scoring a video game, my goal is to create a soundtrack that will enhance the experience of the player, inspire the game developers and stand on it’s own as a great piece of music.  As an audio engineer, I will also be able to mix and master the music that I compose for your game in a professional studio with analog mixing gear.

If an original soundtrack is needed for your project, you can fill out the form on my contact page and tell me about your game.

  • Professionally mixed and mastered
  • Live instrumentation and high quality samples

  • Indie-budget friendly

  • Stems for dynamically adaptive music

  • Fast turn-around

Mixing and Mastering

All of the music I produce is professionally mixed and mastered to industry standards.  I make use of both plugins and vintage analog gear to ensure my mixes can  compete with Triple-A productions and sound perfect on any listening system.

I also provide stand-alone mixing and mastering services, so if you  already have music for your game but want to give it the professional edge  that will set it apart from the competition, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Audio Engineering

I am recognized by my clients and co-workers as a dependable and creative engineer who has a passion for what he does. Recording engineering is not only a way to translate my clients ideas into reality, but to express my own sonic creativity. 

One of the highlights of my career was engineering for the Grammy Award-winning rock band Living Colour’s 2017 album “Shade”. I have also engineered on numerous projects with Living Colour band member Will Calhoun. Another career highlight was assistant engineering on the world-renowned blues rock band Savoy Brown’s 2019 album “City Night”. I worked on many albums as an assistant engineer at the blues studio Showplace Studios, which is a recording studio known for recording and mixing albums by artists such as Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Leslie West, Nirvana, Steve Miller, Levon Helm, and many more legendary musicians. 


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